County Ordinance 1223 adopted on July 11, 2011, amended the county code to only contain one official map depicting zoning. Most of the previous 111 official zoning maps have been removed. In their place we are posting a version of the single official map. We are also posting the airport obstruction zone maps because they are still mentioned in other parts of the county code and because they cannot be shown on the current official map in sufficient detail.

The official zoning map is designed to be plotted at 3’ x 9’ and is 9.3MB large in the posted PDF format, so it may take a while to load.

Airport Obstruction Maps

Chehalis-Centralia Airport (Figures 84 & 85)

Figures 84 & 85 not available in GIS format. To get copies please contact the Community Development Department or Chehalis-Centralia Airport directly.

Critical Areas, Rural Zoning, Resource Lands & Other Comprehensive Plan Maps

Main Lewis County Webmap

Interactive Parcel Zoning, FEMA Flood Plains, Shoreline Environment, Critical Areas and Resource Lands Maps. Get additional detail by using this mapping service or stop by the Lewis County GIS Division to get maps of specific locations and scales.

Zoning Descriptions