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11/13/2018: Major Update to the Lewis County Web Map!

Some of the new features that we are excited about:

  • Latest 2016 high resolution aerials photos.
  • Simple and easy navigation using just the mouse/cursor.
  • Zoom to your location (when used with a GPS-enable device).
  • Better usability with phones/tablets.
  • All of the County's mapped critical areas are included (except for sensitive/protected data).
      Note: City regulations may be different than the county's and thus not accurately represented on this map.
  • Links to the Auditor's scanned survey & plat documents (watermarked unofficial versions).
  • Ability to make high quality PDF export maps for viewing, saving, or printing.
  • Area/acreage measure tool & Latitude-Longitude location tool.
  • Quick links from this map to Pictometry Connect (for authorized users), or to Google Maps and Bing Maps.
  • Ability to select multiple parcel and to create buffer areas.
  • Search/filter for a data set based on name/keyword instead of manually browsing through the list.

    We plan to continue to add data sets and features. Contact us if you have any questions about the new application or suggestions on how you think it could be improved.